Be Willing At Home Workout 3

#BeWilling At Home Workout #3

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Hey friends! Today is February 1st so today’s at home workout is called ‘First Day Flurry’ because it’s fast, and it’s fun. It took me a little over 4 minutes to complete a round. Do a round, then rest 2 minutes, then try another one! You’ll be done in under 15 minutes.  Or maybe do one round today, and add a second round when you do this again over the weekend (because I know you can!) Be willing to at least try.

A few points of performance (POP’s) for this at home workout: 

Standing Calf Raises:  You literally stand in place and push up to your tip-toes. Don’t go superhero fast on these! Take your time and squeeze and activate your leg muscles, particularly your thighs. These will start getting tough about halfway through but just.keep.going.

Sit-ups: I did full sit-ups here. If that’s too aggressive for 30 reps, do crunches, but slow and squeeze. Or do half full sit-ups and half crunches.

Mountain Climbers:  You’ll do 20 per side, not total. These will burn your abs after coming out of the sit-ups. That’s the point.

Burpees: They suck, you’re almost done, just do it!

Be Willing At Home Workout 3

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