#BeWilling At Home Workout #7

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I’m so happy it’s Friday ya’ll! This week felt very long for me. I didn’t sleep well all week (that time of the month) and I felt very scattered. I did make it to the gym almost every day which saved my sanity (and my marriage lol!). If you didn’t make it to the gym this week, don’t fret! There’s plenty of time today or tomorrow to get this workout in. The beauty is, you can do these, and all my other at home workouts ANYWHERE!

A few points of performance (POP’s) for this at home workout: 

You’ll end up doing 55 total reps of each movement. That’s no small change so be patient with yourself and grind it out. Rounds 7-5 will test your grit, but once you’ve done your round of 5, it’s smooth sailing from then on.

Burpees: Make sure you add a little jump on the top!

Squats: Keep your chest up, your shins vertical, and shoot your butt back.

Pushups: Try to go ‘unbroken’ during each round. If you have to modify, go right ahead, but for the rounds of 3, 2, 1, try unmodified for a challenge!



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