#BeWilling At Home Workout #2

Colleen Fitness Leave a Comment

This week’s at home workout is one of my favorites and is called “A Minute to Win it”. I know, a minute of work seems like eternity but right after you’ll go into 30 seconds of rest. Strive to complete 3-5 rounds of this. You can totally do it! Be willing to at least try.

A few points of performance (POP’s) for this at home workout: 

The Plank:  A minute is a long time to hold a plank, especially if you’re a beginner. Two things you can do to modify.  Mod 1: You can run a stop watch and ACCUMULATE a minute, so it might actually take you 2 minutes or more.  Mod 2: Hold as long as you can, and drop to your knees for a few seconds, then plank again.

Jogging in Place: Again, a minute is a while. You’re going to feel pretty silly, especially if your kids are nearby. Make those hecklers join you! If you’re struggling with a minute of jogging, do an aggressive march in place.

Walking Lunges: Lunges are great, but be mindful of your knees. If they are not cooperating or feeling strained, just do air squats in place.


Are you willing to share? I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried this workout or share it with a friend!