Product Spotlight! Willing Beauty Born to Glow Product Review

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Willing Beauty Born to Glow Skin ElixirI saw “skin oil” and I was scared to death. In fact, it sat on my bathroom vanity for two weeks. I started using the Willing Beauty HY+5 regimen but was hesitant to try the Willing Beauty Born to Glow Skin Elixir; a product everyone seemed to be raving about. As someone with acne-prone skin (literally since I was 10 years old), the thought of putting oil on my face was a little off-putting. As my skin started improving using HY+5, I started to trust the products more and added a couple drops of Born to Glow to my Daydream moisturizer.

The day I was told my skin was glowing!

I’m not going to lie, that very day someone told me my skin was glowing! WHAT? As someone who rarely receives skin compliments, this was astounding and all the proof I needed to continue using (and loving!) my Willing Beauty products. As it turns out, skin oil can actually help regulate oil production leaving your skin more balanced.

Here’s the deal with Willing Beauty Born to Glow Skin Elixir:

  • It’s a lightweight antioxidant-rich face oil – think Vitamins for your skin!
  • It is super light and absorbs into the skin with NO greasiness.
  • It leaves skin feeling hydrated and with a luminous, glowy look
  • It contains bacteria-fighting oils including lavender and frankincense that help target acne
  • Born to Glow is a mix of 7 powerful oils deliberately paired to deliver RESULTS.

How do you use Born to Glow Skin Elixir?

You can easily incorporate Born to Glow into your routine simply by adding a couple drops to your moisturizer for a richer hydration, or applying it to freshly cleaned skin on its own. A little bit goes a long way! I typically mix 3 drops with my Willing Beauty Partner in Time Night Serum.

If my skin feels like it needs a bit more moisture during the day, I’ll add a couple drops to my Daydream moisturizer as well.

Who should use Willing Beauty Born to Glow Skin Elixir?

This product is designed for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more about this product or any other Willing Beauty products. Born to Glow retails for $39 and like all Willing Beauty products, has a 100% Happiness Guarantee! What do you have to lose? Trust me, you’ll like it! Willing Beauty Born to Glow Skin Elixir

-xoxo   Colleen